SailaWave won an accolade with its end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions at the iF Design Awards 2022, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. Nearly ten thousand products and projects from 50 countries competed in the iF Design Awards, which since 1954 is recognized as the symbol of design excellence in the international arena. 98 independent judges from over 20 nations made a comprehensive assessment to determine the most innovative and best designs. Our team of antenna specialists, connectivity technologists and sailing enthusiasts have devoted to innovating, designing and engineering wireless connectivity solutions. We extend our vision and expertise to the maritime industry. Implacable enthusiasm about sailing paves the way to bringing our 5G technology onboard globally.


Our engineers and designers strike to perfect the functionality while the design of the 5G router as the core of the total wireless solutions is non-negotiable. Different proprietary technologies infused in the design deliver ultra-fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity onboard. The revolutionary end-to-end wireless connectivity solution blends in perfectly with any ship decor, providing unparalleled 4G/5G radio network for up to 30 kms from the coast.


As a disruptor in the maritime industry, SailaWave team will continue to broaden and strengthen our R&D capabilities and innovations to come up with breakthroughs, create better products and solutions for our customers, and support the industry to foster future connectivity evolution.


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