Comba’s ScanViS selected by the GSMA for Usage of Facial Recognition at the World’s Largest Wireless Industry Event


(31 January, 2019, Barcelona, Spain and Hong Kong) Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba Telecom” or “the Group”, SEHK stock code: 2342), a global leading solutions and services provider of wireless and information communications systems, announced it will be deploying the ScanViS ID facial recognition (FR) solution to enhance attendee experience and expedite venue access at MWC19  in Barcelona, Spain, the largest mobile event in the world, organized by the GSMA which represents the interests of the mobile industry worldwide. 


In an event survey of 239 event and meeting planners from all over the world, 42 percent responded that managing the on-site registration and check-in process is the biggest pain point during an event [1]. In addition, security is an ongoing concern for large events. ScanViS ID facial recognition solution will be helping the GSMA to promote frictionless venue access, enhancing security, and personalizing the experience for around 107,000 attendees at MWC19. 


The FR solution will be running through the whole event registration process from pre-event registration to on-site check-in during the show. It will facilitate the registration process by allowing attendees to register and upload their photo on the organizer’s website before the event. After onsite passport/ID checking, attendees will be identified by the FR system and can move through the event access lanes without having to show their badge or ID to enjoy a seamless entry experience by just looking and passing.


As part of event safety measures, a tablet sized facial recognition device will be installed at the Ministerial Programme conference area entrance to ensure only verified attendees have authorized entry. Given its customer friendly features, this FR system offers real-time access logs update for monitoring and watchlist compilation to cater to VIP’s needs and to increase security respectively.     


With such large attendee numbers, it is important that visitors can access the venue quickly. ScanViS ID facial recognition solution can complete verification within one second on average, which provides a fast and security-focused access control management to effectively process large number of attendees. Other than making the venue access secure, quick, easy and efficient, FR technology has been proven to increase user engagement and attendee satisfaction.  


Mr. Robert Courtney, Director, Event Technology and Customer Care, GSMA said, “The GSMA’s objective is to create frictionless and secure access to MWC19 in Barcelona for our attendees and implementing ScanViS ID facial recognition solution will help us achieve this important goal and improve the attendee event experience.”


Ms. Annabel Huo, President of Comba Telecom International expressed, “We are pleased to announce the exciting deployment of ScanViS ID facial recognition solution for the GSMA in such a large-scale global event. It is a very encouraging opportunity for Comba’s facial recognition solution to gain a strong foothold in the market segment of large events. It is also an excellent way to promote the innovative nature of organizer’s brand and impress attendees.”  


The ScanViS ID facial recognition solution will be showcasing at Comba’s booth at MWC 2019, visit us at Booth #5A31, Hall 5, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona from 25-28 Feb, 2019 to discover more about the solution. Some more industry-leading wireless communications solutions will also be available at the booth. For more information, please visit


About ScanViS series

ScanViS series has 3 major systems that can be applied separately or in combination for more versatile solutions: ScanViS ID GateGuardScanViS Analyze and ScanViS Display. ScanViS facial recognition algorithm was trained through deep learning with over 100 million faces, and has been well proven in both private and public industry sectors.


The ScanViS ID facial recognition solution adopted at the Mobile World Congress 2019 includes two main parts: the CamGuard system and the GateGuard facial recognition device.


CamGuard runs with IP camera and facial recognition server to perform access control for large number of visitors in big events, and commercial building with multiple entry points or with remote site offices. It is also an ideal application for safety monitoring of dementia patients in the elderly care centers. 


GateGuard is a tablet sized facial recognition device for wall mount or gate integration to manage access control and attendance taking for enterprises, property developers, and service industry which needs to monitor employee roster in different job locations.  


ScanViS ID facial recognition solution is being implemented by a global mobile operator in Europe for entry authorization in their office building and enhanced security. This is a highly reliable access and check-in system for commercial and residential properties, laboratories, elderly care centers, clinics, museums, schools, factories and warehouses.


To know more about the solution, please click HERE



 [1] “Do You Need an Event Checkup?”, Lauren Mumford, Aventri, August 25, 2016,

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