Tapping Strong Market Demand for Biometric Access Control Systems


(29 October 2018, Hong Kong) Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba Telecom” or “the Group”, SEHK stock code: 2342), a global leading solutions and services provider of wireless and information communications systems, announced the launch of ScanViS ID GateGuard, a new facial recognition and analytic solution for access control and attendance registration targeting enterprises and the property sector.


ScanViS ID GateGuard is an all-in-one system integrating world-leading facial recognition technology with access gates or doors for entry control and attendance, giving users a smooth entry experience within one second on average. Users no longer need to tap cards, passcodes or actively interact with the terminal for access. Displaying visitor greeting messages through a user-friendly interface with entry authorization, the GateGuard device features specific attributes for different application scenarios. Its cloud computing functionality is designed with built-in data visualization and analytics. Date and time are automatically recorded and stored on the web dashboard for easy monitoring, and charts and reports can be easily obtained with just one click by the customer for instant review. 


Ms. Marie Ma, Senior Director of Technical Marketing Solutions & General Manager of Enterprise Business at Comba Telecom International said, “Comba Telecom has been placing emphasis on developing innovative solutions and building use cases for smart city developments. We are pleased to introduce the GateGuard, an all-in-one system to tap the increasing demand for biometric access control systems in the market. Additionally, our system can display greeting messages on the interface to welcome VIPs or special guests, while our sophisticated ScanViS facial recognition algorithm empowers data analytics for better access and attendance management. The solution is ideal for companies seeking automation of administrative tasks to reduce operational costs, and simplify staff and guest access."


About ScanViS series

ScanViS series has 3 major systems that can be applied separately or in combination for more versatile solutions: ScanViS ID GateGuardScanViS Analyze and ScanViS Display. ScanViS facial recognition algorithm was trained through deep learning with over 100 million faces, and has been well proven in both private and public industry sectors. This access control and attendance solution is being implemented by a global mobile operator in Europe for entry authorization to their office buildings, replacing RFID cards for enhanced security and user experience. ScanViS is already deployed by a number of residential buildings and education campuses in Hong Kong to improve the entry experience of users. This is a highly reliable system for residential properties, laboratories, clinics, museums and art galleries to manage visitor entry; and an efficient solution to optimize attendance operations for event venues, schools, offices and industrial areas such as factories and warehouses. 


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